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    Date: 8 Jun 1984 10:21:52 PDT Subject: Diagnostic Error Codes code Description 101 Main system board failed. 109 Direct memory access test error 121 Unexpected hardware interrupts occurred. 131 Cassette wrap test failed. 199 User indicated configuration not correct. 201 Memory test failed 301 Keboard did not respond to software reset correctly or a stuck […]

  • History of the Amiga models

    Norman G. King, Normad Vaporware Inc. History of Amiga models. In 1985 Commodore bought out the Amiga company and produced the first in the line of many Amiga systems. Based on the Motorola 68000 chip, the same one the Macintosh uses, the Amiga is a powerful machine. The Amiga company built special processors to work […]

  • Classic Macintosh pinouts

    Normad Vaporware Inc, August 24, 1992. Guide to Pin-out connectors to the Apple Macintosh By Norman G. King Hey, want to hack up cables to work with the Macintosh, but you don’t know the pin-outs? Maybe you can get that IBM, or IEEE device to work if only you knew the pin-outs of the Macintosh […]

  • Classic Mac M68K Error Codes

    Normad Vaporware Inc., August 24, 1992. Guide to the Original Macintosh Error Codes by Norman King. It is very hard to service a Macintosh, or figure out what went wrong. There are many things that can go wrong with a Macintosh. In fact it is hard to service unless you have access to the codes […]


    GENESIS   In the beginning, IBM created the hardware and the software. And the software was without form, and zeroes were upon the face of the disks. And the sysgen moved upon the face of the drum. And IBM said, “Let there be system,” and it was “genned”. And IBM saw the system, and it […]

  • Liberal Democrats create 51 different fake news websites to trick people into voting democrat In the toss-up states, liberal democrats have created 51 fake news websites. Much like The Daily KOS and Kuro5hin did for Howard Dean. They want to trick people into voting Democrat so they can kick out all Republicans in the toss-up states. This is a new low from the Ministry of Truth and Thought […]

  • Amiga its roots and history

    The Commodore Amiga: It’s Roots and History By Norman King 10/21/1989 for my Advanced C report.   The operating system of the Amiga is called AmigaDOS and is a port of the TRI-POS network operating system. TRI-POS is an ancestor of UNIX, and was never designed to be run on mainframes, nor on single user […]

  • Amiga History

    I pulled this off of USENET and thought it might be of interest. It was written by Gary Oberbrunner. Lyle Levine *************************************************************************** On Monday March 2, RJ Mical (=RJ=) spoke at the Boston Computer Society meeting in Cambridge. Fortunately I was momentarily possessed with an organizational passion, and I took copious notes. I present them […]

  • Amiga computer patent

    United States Patent [19] [11] Patent Number: 4,777,621 Miner et al. [45] Date of Patent: Oct. 11, 1988 —————————————————————————– [54] VIDEO GAME AND PERSONAL COMPUTER [75] Inventors: Jay G. Miner, Mountain View; Joseph C. Decuir, Albany; Ronald H. Nicholson, Sunnyvale, all of Calif. [73] Assignee: Commodore-Amiga, Inc., Los Gatos, Calif. [21] Appl. No.: 756,910 [22] […]

  • The Great Reset and WEF

    The Great Reset is a wealth redistribution globally. They want to take away our houses and property and wealth to fight climate change and force us to live in pods and own nothing and work as slave labor. Of course, the billionaires are immune to this wealth redistribution. First, they have to have a crisis […]