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  • Liberal Democrats create 51 different fake news websites to trick people into voting democrat In the toss-up states, liberal democrats have created 51 fake news websites. Much like The Daily KOS and Kuro5hin did for Howard Dean. They want to trick people into voting Democrat so they can kick out all Republicans in the toss-up states. This is a new low from the Ministry of Truth and Thought […]

  • Amiga its roots and history

    The Commodore Amiga: It’s Roots and History By Norman King 10/21/1989 for my Advanced C report.   The operating system of the Amiga is called AmigaDOS and is a port of the TRI-POS network operating system. TRI-POS is an ancestor of UNIX, and was never designed to be run on mainframes, nor on single user […]

  • Amiga History

    I pulled this off of USENET and thought it might be of interest. It was written by Gary Oberbrunner. Lyle Levine *************************************************************************** On Monday March 2, RJ Mical (=RJ=) spoke at the Boston Computer Society meeting in Cambridge. Fortunately I was momentarily possessed with an organizational passion, and I took copious notes. I present them […]

  • Amiga computer patent

    United States Patent [19] [11] Patent Number: 4,777,621 Miner et al. [45] Date of Patent: Oct. 11, 1988 —————————————————————————– [54] VIDEO GAME AND PERSONAL COMPUTER [75] Inventors: Jay G. Miner, Mountain View; Joseph C. Decuir, Albany; Ronald H. Nicholson, Sunnyvale, all of Calif. [73] Assignee: Commodore-Amiga, Inc., Los Gatos, Calif. [21] Appl. No.: 756,910 [22] […]

  • The Great Reset and WEF

    The Great Reset is a wealth redistribution globally. They want to take away our houses and property and wealth to fight climate change and force us to live in pods and own nothing and work as slave labor. Of course, the billionaires are immune to this wealth redistribution. First, they have to have a crisis […]

  • Eugenics why it is a bad thing

    Soon there will be 8 billion people in the world and not enough space and food to support them. The solution is to build more houses and farms. But some people want to go the Thanos route and murder off large groups of people like the Nazis and Communists did. The guide stones in Georgia […]

  • The Great Collapse

    The Great Collapse was proposed by the Neo-Swashbucklers to be a collapse of the USA. First, it would be a collapse of the stock market follower to high inflation and a shortage of food. Second higher gas prices. Third gun control laws of the federal government grabbing guns from the average citizen because of shootings […]

  • Roe vs Wade overturned

    It doesn’t necessarily mean the banning of abortion because it was dumped, it means abortion rights go to the states to decide. Some states like Missouri will ban abortion while Illinois won’t. The debate rages is it women’s healthcare and a woman’s right to have an abortion and kill a fetus or baby? One that […]

  • World War 3

    Russia invading Ukraine is the spark that will set off World War 3. High Inflation and High Gas prices are causing economic harm to the West. Biden is bungling up the support of Ukraine and should send troops with weapons to teach Ukrainians how to use them.  This proxy war with Russia will soon become […]

  • Welcome to Great DOX

    We promise to only write the best DOX available to us.