Eugenics why it is a bad thing

Soon there will be 8 billion people in the world and not enough space and food to support them. The solution is to build more houses and farms. But some people want to go the Thanos route and murder off large groups of people like the Nazis and Communists did.

The guide stones in Georgia talked about reducing the world population to 500 million people to properly manage and rule them. Which was blow up recently.

The US Government once sterilized mentally disabled people and continue to do so with psyche drugs. They used to send kids with Autism to group homes because they could not handle them and they wanted them out of the public eye. Black Men were given Syphilis as part of the Tuskegee Experiment. Native Americans wiped out in countless wars and the Trail of Tears. Japanese in concentration camps died in poor conditions.

Abortion is just another part of eugenics, which the Supreme Court halted. If the progressives have their way any fetus shown to have a medical problem will be forced aborted as part of a eugenics program. Disabled people will be lead to camps and murdered as useless eaters is the term they use. Criminals and the mentally ill will be monitored and moved to camps to be murdered. Anyone against eugenics will be sent to a camp and murdered.

Hitler based his Nazi concentration camps based on what the USA did to the Native Americans. So did Russia and China with their concentration camps. Now the progressives want eugenics to fight climate change so useless eaters can die and thin the herd. What out it is coming in the next ten years.

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