The Great Collapse

The Great Collapse was proposed by the Neo-Swashbucklers to be a collapse of the USA. First, it would be a collapse of the stock market follower to high inflation and a shortage of food. Second higher gas prices. Third gun control laws of the federal government grabbing guns from the average citizen because of shootings that criminals have done. There might be a collapse of society or culture as well. An attack on religion by liberal progressives who are so-called ‘woke’ people but blind in their vision.

It is really the four horsemen from the Bible’s book of Revelation, Plague, Famine, and soon War and Death. COVID-19 is a super virus that some claim was made in a lab to lower the population of the world. The shortage of food is causing a famine. World War 3.0 or the US Civil War 2.0 will happen and the Warhorse will ride followed by the Death horse.

All of this is not God-Made but Human-Made by rejecting God and his laws. The further from God people get, the worst things get. The Liberal Progressives have decided to sacrifice the economy to fight climate change using it like a bat on the poor and middle class. This new religion worships Nature and attacks God and his many people.

Before you know it, The Great Reset will follow that will take away property rights. We will own nothing, not even our bodies, and the rich will own and control us.

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