Quit vilifying the mentally ill

Look the past 9+ public shooters have been called ‘mentally ill’ by the news media and the general public even without a proper psychiatric diagnosis. What do they all have in common? They are ‘criminals’, ‘sociopaths’, evil, mean, bullies, and society in general had abused them as did the government and their employers to develop some sort of ‘malfunction’ in their brain that turned them into mass murders.

I want to state that not all mentally ill people are violent, and not all mentally ill people go on shooting rampages. Most untreated mentally ill people end up homeless, in nursing homes, in psychiatric mental hospitals, or in jail or prison. Some like me, who doesn’t break the law, doesn’t use illegal drugs, doesn’t use violence, doesn’t do anything the others do to end up in trouble or harm others, end up on disability. We are blamed and vilified for what other mentally ill people do. The law does not protect us from discrimination, and lawyers refuse to take our cases and keep referring us back to the Bar association until 180 days have passed and one can no longer sue their employer.

I figure that makes me lucky in a way, that I didn’t end up like so many others. I was able to reason my way to deal with my mental illness, and become a better person. Yet with each public shooting, the public and news media just vilifies the mentally ill and paints us all with a thick brush as being ‘peas in a pod’ all the same. Nope we are not.

I became mentally ill in 2001 right around the time of 911, and my employer stressing me out with too much work at my job. I ended up on short-term disability, and when I returned I was promptly fired. I found that every job I applied for didn’t want me because I filed for short-term disability and have a record of being mentally ill with a background check. If I was hired, I’d be fired as soon as they found out I was mentally ill. My only choice was to go on disability, because I didn’t want to end up homeless, or worse.

When you are mentally ill, nobody wants to even give you a chance. Nobody believes in you, your friends all leave you, your family disowns you, society looks down on you like some kind of monster (hey look he is mentally ill, I’ll bet he is just like that shooter we heard about on the news!), and of course if you try to startup a business nobody wants to join or fund it or even listen to you about it.

I run this blog and website as a hobby, and hope to earn some money on it. Maybe enough to pay off my $100K in medical debt, or at least afford my medication when I go into the doughnut hole with Medicare Part D and my meds cost $950/month and I am only paid $1000/month on disability. Nope I am not going to do a ‘Breaking Bad’ type business, I am not a drug lord like Walter White. Quit asking.

If you want to help me, well link to my blog or write a comment or something. My email is orionblastar@gmail.com and my twitter is @orionblastar if you want to contact me. Visit http://www.greatdox.com/documentaries/ and http://www.greatdox.com/software/ for my project ideas. It is very hard to work alone on these with little to no money, no support, and nobody caring about me.

If you have a friend or family member that is mentally ill, love them and support them, don’t abuse or abandon them, and see that they get treated by a professional and take their medication and stay out of trouble.

Guns are not to blame, religion is not to blame, video games are not to blame, it is human beings behaving badly and then doing ‘evil’ things they think are justified because they are being irrational. We need better mental health services and centers to treat people before they end up doing murders or other crimes. My condolences to the families and friends of the public shooting victims.

It is a human problem. People blame guns, video games, religion, etc but they are all scapegoats and excuses. But it took a human being to make bad decisions and take bad actions in order to do a criminal thing like mass murder. I feel empathy for others and I’d never kill or do a crime. Saying we need to ban guns, ban video games, ban religion, isn’t going to solve the problem, it will create more problems, and then you still have human beings behaving badly and making bad decisions and bad actions despite all of the laws that got passed and of course all of the rights, liberties, and freedoms that got violated. You need to help human beings to become better human beings and get treatment when there is a danger to themselves or others. Stop mistreating people, ignoring them, and then being apathetic towards the mentally ill and get them help before they become criminals and mass murders. Apathy and lack of empathy towards the mentally ill in society are creating these problems!

These shooters were disturbed and sociopaths who became criminally mentally ill because they had been abused in some way and then nobody cared enough to help them or get them professional help and then they snapped. There were violent warning signs people in authority ignored, and some even begged for help. The navy yard shooter, given his violent history should never have gotten a security clearance and even allowed in that navy base. When he shot his neighbor’s tires or that ceiling with his gun, it should have raised a few red flags, but it was ignored and authorities didn’t even care. Instead of taking responsibility for this and owning up to their mistakes, they blame guns, video games, religion, the mentally ill instead of reforming the system and putting penalties on authority figures for making mistakes like that.

So really our society treats people bad and then socially conditions them to become sociopaths and criminally insane. Instead of admitting to that and fixing it, the news media and politicians blame guns, video games, mental illness, religions, and then violate our rights, freedoms, and liberties so we feel safer but it is just a delusion. You are not safer, look at the Patriot Act it was designed to stop this, the DHS was designed to stop this, the no-gun zone in DC was designed to stop this, did it stop it at all? Nope! In fact, all of those made it possible! There is no law out there that helps someone or makes sure that the authorities are responsible when they botch a screening or ignore the warning signs of a person who is doing violence and may be a threat to themselves or others. Mental health services have been ‘gutted’ in order to provide the money for our ‘security’ programs that basically don’t work at all and just make things worse.

Not all mentally ill people are violent. If a person is a sociopath they have been socially conditioned to be no longer empathetic towards others and not mentally ill. Being a mass murderer makes one a criminal not mentally ill. The shooter is a sociopath and they are calling him mentally ill ti vilify the mentally ill. I myself have been mentally ill since 2001 but I never murdered anyone and I never will murder anyone nor go on a shooting rampage. So don’t you lump me in with those sociopaths. I refuse to become one of the criminally mentally ill people, and I think that people need to be aware of them and how to get them professional help before they ‘snap’ and do mass murder.